Our presentation worked flawlessly throughout the 5-day long trade show and it never once glitched. Many tried to pinch and expand their way out it, but Flow Kiosk locked the presentation in place. Making onsite changes and adding automation was a breeze and upload times were fast, even with low bandwidths on trade show floors. […]

trade show kiosk - massey ferguson

Massey Ferguson

“Flow Kiosk’s solution exceeded our expectations. We had brisk usage with no issues. Sale staff, who had no previous training, were able to intuitively use these presentations to educate and engage potential customers” – Hristo Dochev, Digital Designer

EMP Museum - MoPop

EMP Museum

“Flow Kiosk has proven an incredibly useful tool in creating iPad-based kiosks for our exhibits. Its design is simple, intuitive, and flexible…”¬†– Brad Purkey,¬†Project Lead, Senior Interactive Design

MFAH - Museum of Fine Arts Houston


“We are using Flow Kiosk to develop in-gallery interpretation experiences. Our goals are to provide content relevant to art in an easy to access way that is also inexpensive and easy to create. It is something we could create ourselves, and it fits within our budget. We are doing things we otherwise would not be […]